Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Do not fear the Pattern Grasshopper!

I started the Year of Knitting Dangerously to help me get over stupid hurddles I have creatively. Over, the past couple of months (OK, fine, YEARS) I've noticed this trend - I'll come up with an awesome idea for an art project and then I sit on it, never starting it beacsue I get into thinking 'No one else is ever going like this so why bother'. There's a lot to be said about creating art for the sake of art, but let's face it, we like it when peole like our work. And we like it even better if people like our work enough to give us nice crsip dollar bills.

I've had this idea for Awesome Socks bouncing around in my noggen for quite some time. I've been kind of hoping someone else would have this awesome idea and make an awesome pattern for these awesome socks, but the universe hasn't worked that way. Damn, the only way I would get Awesome Socks was to make them myself.

That's exactly what I did. I'm doing the final touches on the pattern instructions and then while holding my breath I'm sure I'll be posting it on ravelry as an official down load.

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