Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Every story has a beginning

Last Sunday, our knit group met at Panera's as usual. It was a smaller-than-usual sedate group, but by no means was it less entertaining or inspiring. The smaller the group, the more you can really get your teeth into the meat of the conversation. When the group is big, we get rowdy. Yeah, that's right, knitter's get rowdy. We ended up tossing out ideas for future knitting projects, testing the idea waters as it were, to see if our fledgling projects would float or not. We sparked on, gasp, designing a project from scratch and, double gasp, actually publishing the project. And that's a dangerous idea. I mean, you're like naked, well virtually at least, putting your little baby out to the world for other people to critique and love or hate. Yikes, gives me grey hairs just thinking about it.

And then it hit.

2010 would be our year of knitting dangerously.

A group on Ravelry was created, and the rest, is how they say? History? Only it's not history, it's now, it's here, it's live and in full color.

It's gonna be a wild ride!