Friday, January 15, 2010

Possibility Socks

After casting on the Harry Clarke shawl and getting 95 freaking beads on the FIRST row, I needed to immediately cast on some easy-on-the-brain knitting. These are Cookie A's Monkey socks. Yeah I know, Knitting Wisdom would normal advise I go with a nice simple toe-up stockenette sock, but I just finished knitting 20 inches in stockenette and frankly I needed a little more for my brain to work on. The bonus with Cookie A's pattern is that its both charted and written so I'll be able to use this pattern for my "How to KNIT from a chart" tutorial that's coming this week. But here's the problem with these socks. The pattern is fairly simple and engaging which makes them hard NOT to knit. I got Harry to worry about! I can't forsake him just to knit socks! So I've decided these socks will be "train knitting" only. Socks are a good project just to throw in your bag and whip out when you find yourself with a few empty minutes. And why are they called "Possibility Socks"? I'm taking this workshop on leadership (hence all the train knitting time I'll have commuting into NYC for the class) and part of the class talks about community and how in community, nothing is impossible. So I thought I'd carry the idea of Possibility around with me, quite literally, in sock form!

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